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‘Thirsty Fool’ new single by Pyralid

‘Thirsty Fool’ new single by Pyralid

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Release date: August 14, 2020

On the 14th of August 2020, Pyralid released his first single ‘Thirsty Fool’. The song was recorded and produced in his little home studio. The cover art was also self made and it reflects his personal meaning behind the song. “Thirsty Fool is about searching for the connection with yourself and how good it feels when you find it. Like dancing with yourself until your moves go in sync. The cover art being underwater symbolizes a moment of self reflection. Being underwater you are isolated from the world and in a tranquil place, where self reflection can occur naturally.” 

This release is Pyralid’s first step as an artist. While he has been writing and producing music his whole life and has a successful career in the game audio industry, releasing his own music has been his dream for years. “I’m so happy that my music is finally out there for people to hear. The feeling of letting go is motivating me to continue to grow and create.”

Artist Bio

Pyralid’s music has its own flavor. Atmospheric sound shaping and a catchy melody, with a groovy rhythm at its core. Pyralid aims to take you on a journey by creating a unique vibe for every song.

Gijs Driesenaar, born in the Netherlands, started his solo project ‘Pyralid’ in 2019. Music and sound is the theme of his life. Growing up in a musical family, he learned to play different instruments and started to compose music in his early teens. As a synesthetic he aspires to create unique experiences by combining the auditive and visual dimensions.

In 2015 Gijs graduated from the HKU, school of arts, composition and sound design for games. Besides songwriting, he works in the game audio industry as a composer and sound designer. His music and sound design for the videogame ‘Lumini’ has been nominated for several awards, including the Independent Games Festival Award for ‘Excellence in audio’. The Lumini OST was Pyralid’s first release.

In 2020 he sets off to release his first single ‘Thirsty Fool’ and is always busy writing and producing songs in his own little studio. His music will not be limited to a certain genre, as he likes to experiment with all kinds of sounds.

Thirsty Fool [Official Video]
Colorize [Official Lyric Video]